Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CCNA Exam Simulator - Facebook page

Check out our new facebook page for CCNA Exam Simulator:
The FB page has hundreds of followings and increasing daily. The exam simulator is undoubtedly the most advanced practice test available to date.
Checkout the exam simulator and download the free trial version:

The exam simulator is different from network simulator, in the sense that the latter provides a virtual networking environment where a candidate can try the network configurations for hands-on experinece. Exam simulator provides a virtual exam environment in all respects including, 1. question types, 2. difficulty level, 3. syllabus compliance, 4. simlets and testlets, 5. scoresheet, etc.

For Network simulators facebook page, check this link:


Mr. Max said...

Hello admin,
Thanks for providing the link of Facebook page and I visit the link you shared.
Hope at that page you also share the good information which can provide more value to readers.
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Ravi27 said...

Hey admin how are you doing?
I read your post about CCNA Exam Simulator - Facebook page.
I am collecting information about the CCNA and it is a good news that you've created the Facebook page.