Wednesday, April 06, 2016

LabSim for Computer Hardware and OS exams. updated its LabSim for A+ recently and the updates include bug fixes and a few additional labs. The labs included on the following topics:
1. Connecting to a remote desktop using windows7

2. NTFS and Share permissions
a. To share folders with other users on your network
b. To change read only attributes on files and folders
c. To set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions

3. User account creation , configuration and authentication

a. Creating a new user account
b. To change user account password
c. To change user account control settings
d. To change the user account type
e. Removing user accounts

4. Configuring windows7 power options
5. Configuring windows7 updates
a. Windows7 Update Configurations
b. Windows7 Update Settings

6. Configuring Local Security Policy
a. Setting Account lockout policy
b. Setting Password policy

7. Configuring hardware settings using Device Manager
For complete list of labs, please visit the labs page here:

The software may be downloaded by going to the page:


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