Wednesday, July 22, 2009

VLAN Types

1. Native VLAN: It's a VLAN that is not tagged when used on dot1q trunk. Frames using native VLAN traverse without any tagging. Workstations and some switches do not understand dot1q, and only work with frames without tag (Native VLAN).

2. Default VLAN: It's typically VLAN 1 (At least on Cisco switches) - Vlan that is assigned to the switch port, when u get switch "out of box". You can change the default VLAN to any other specific VLAN by using "native vlan" command on Cisco swiches.

3. Static VLAN: "Static VLAN membership is perhaps the most widely used method because of the relatively small administration overhead and security it provides. With Static VLANs, the administrator will assign each port of the switch to one VLAN. Once this is complete, they can simply connect each device or workstation to the appropriate port." The other method is 4.

4.Dynamic VLAN: Static VLANs are the most common form of port VLAN assignments. It is possible to have the switch dynamically choose a VLAN based on the MAC address of the device connected to a port. For dynamic VLAN assignment, you need a VTP database file, a VTP server, a VTP client switch, and a dynamic port. After you have properly configured these components, a dynamic port can choose the VLAN based on whichever device is connected to that port.

5. Access VLAN: There are two modes of a switch port, Access and Trunk: Access switchport mode is used to connect to the end devices, and trunk switchport mode is typically used to interconnect two switches (or a router and a switch). So Access VLAN is the vlan which is assigned to port that is in ACCESS mode and connected to the end device

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