Saturday, November 03, 2007

VTP Trunking Protocol

VLAN Trunking Protocol

  • VTP sends messages between trunked switches to maintain VLANs on these switches in order to properly trunk.

  • VTP is a Cisco proprietary method of managing VLANs between switches and runs across any type of trunking mechanism.

  • VTP messages are exchanged between switches within a common VTP domain.

  • VTP domains must be defined or VTP disabled before a VLAN can be created.

  • Exchanges of VTP information can be controlled by passwords.

  • VTP manages only VLANs 2 through 1002.

  • VTP allows switches to synchronize their VLANs based on a configuration revision number.

  • Switches can operate in one of three VTP modes: server, transparent, or client.

  • VTP can prune unneeded VLANs from trunk links.

Reference: Cisco Press Book