Monday, April 24, 2006

CCNA Network Simulator

CCNA Network Simulator is a software tool that simulates a router/switch network. The tool should typically be able to:
  • Simulate a router
  • Simulate a switch
  • Simulate a router/switch network
  • Design a router/switch network
  • Save semi-finished configurations, and reload for later resumption
  • Save the work to a text file for later use.

A router simulator is essential for having hands-on practice. Ofcourse, if you can buy routers and switches and make physical network that would be fine, but normally does not justify the costs involved.

CCNA network simulators are available from the following sources:

A comprehensive CCNA trainer is available at:

Normally, the software is available free for demo version, and you need to pay if you want to unlock the full version. The cost range from $150 down to $25 depending on the requirements. Download, and checkout the features available.

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